Gee wiz, I am ‘like’ uh, so tired of these stereotypes about my major, guys. Come on, I am just an engineer because I want to meet a soon-to-be well-to-do female child developmentalist or liberal studier that will make all the money so I can be a stay at home dad.

Seriously, I want to sit at home all day and take care of the kids. For instance, I could teach them the joys of statics, dynamics and differential equations, which have no practical application (not like those very serious story telling and basket weaving classes that liberal studies majors are required to take), but would make my children laugh with glee.

I mean honestly, what we learn as engineers cannot possibly be applied to the real world. Who would pay someone to develop a bridge or build an airplane?!

I strongly urge all of you male engineers at Cal Poly to find yourself a hardworking woman out there and let her support you. Don’t cave into the traditional gender roles!

Branch out! Expand your horizons!

Brian Eller

Materials engineering sophomore

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