In case you’re living in a time warp, this is not the 1950s anymore. This may surprise you, but women can actually play a role in society besides being stuck in the house all day, which seems to be your biggest aspiration in life. Really now, in order to be this house mom that you idolize, is it necessary to take a course in story telling? Isn’t that also known as common sense? Do you need to spend four years in college to become a mom? You do realize that you’re spending $15,000 a year in order to find your husband … is probably cheaper.

You aren’t even looking for the right thing in a marriage, you’re looking for money. We are looking for love and taking the comfort in knowing that we will be financially secure just in case something happens. As women engineers, we are apparently setting ourselves up for a broken home. We are definitely capable of elementary math and storytelling we learned those years ago. Wow, maybe we are just as qualified, if not more, as you are at becoming a wife.

So after your husband divorces you because of your ego problems, we look forward to seeing you at our local daycare center as we drop off our children.

Jessica Kiefer

Electrical engineering sophomore

Sheila Shideh

Civil engineering sophomore

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