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During the two months a year that San Luis Obispo gets a little chilly, it can be difficult to shelve the Rainbow sandals and T-shirts for something a bit warmer. This winter season, some of downtown San Luis Obispo’s best boutiques offered some fashion advice for those who think 60 degrees is FREEZING.

Since it does not snow on the Central Coast, wearing big down jackets is unnecessary, so the key to staying warm this winter is to layer clothing. Layering allows girls to still wear their favorite tank top underneath a cozy sweater or hooded sweatshirt and accessorize with colorful scarves or stylish boots for a look that is feminine and not bulky.

“This season it’s all about big comfy sweaters, nothing skin-tight,” said Alana Myregard, a buyer for Central Coast Surfboards. “Pair a big sweater in a color like teal, aqua or sea foam green with a skirt and cowboy boots, and accessorize with a fun necklace.”

The days of Britney Spears-inspired belly shirts are over, and this season, showing less skin is more. Myregard suggested layering a long tank top with a V-neck tunic, and said some girls are even buying tops a size larger to make them more comfortable.

Plush fabrics like velvet, leather, lace and satin with ornately detailed stitching, studs and jewels are also in this season. Michelle Von Bauer of Therapy said the fashion is Victorian-inspired with royal colors in deep plums and burgundies.

“Go raid your grandma’s closet,” said Megan Larson of Lucky LuLu’s. “The style is vintage-preppy, and the colors are much more down-to-earth in browns and greens, not metallic.”

Larson said “organic” style accessories like pearls, shells, and wooden jewelry have replaced last year’s chandelier earrings and metallic purses. The Ugg boot rage is also long over, but fur-lined boots with rounded toes and chunky heels have taken their place. Like the Europeans, the style this season is to tuck designer jeans like True Religion or Citizens of Humanity jeans into the boots.

“It’s all about showing off the footwear,” Larson said.

As for the boys, Mike Jacot of Central Coast Surfboards suggested wearing a striped sweater for a different look than the usual hooded sweatshirt. He also suggested wearing a sherpa-lined jacket over a T-shirt.

“Sweatshirts are a classic piece,” he said. “This winter sweatshirts and sweaters in earth tones are in, so lose the bright colors.”

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