Olivia Doty

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Here’s a daily dose of news around campus.

1. Campus dining launches nutrition calculator

Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 10.03.54 AM

Last week, campus dining released a new app, a “nutrition calculator”, that can possibly help students pay attention to what they eat on campus.

2. Dean of Students “concerned” about alcohol poisonings 


An email sent out in January to greek life leaders expressed the dean of students’ “concerns” with the rising number of alcohol-related trips to the hospital.  “The numbers are in excess of the total number we had last year.”

3. Water on the minds of Cal Poly winemakers


The long monotonous drought has become the primary concern for winemakers at Cal Poly. “It is the topic that everyone is talking about,” said Craig Macmillan, Cal Poly’s vineyard manager.

4. Semester update: How close are the Cal States to converting?


The ASI board voted against a semester system in December, but three out of the six remaining quarter system Cal States are in the process to make the switch to semesters.

5. ASI pulls nearly $30,000 from reserves for club funding


On Jan. 29, ASI activated around $30,000 in reserve funds after Cal Poly clubs burned through a year’s operational budget by the eighth week of last quarter.

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