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Catch up on what’s been going down around Cal Poly with these top five news stories.

1. Victim of fatal traffic collision identified as Cal Poly student


The 22-year-old man who died in a crash Saturday morning has been identified by the police as Kent Boswell, a business administration student. Cal Poly spokesperson Matt Lazier said there will be a campus-wide message soon.

2. Greek life party registration policy likely to pass on Tuesday

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With key changes in the newest draft of the greek life party registration policy, Panhellenic President Danielle Durante expects legislation to pass Tuesday. Hold on a little longer avid greek partygoers, results will not be definite until official announcements later.

3. Wanted: Culture in the classroom


Facing accusations of lacking diversity, the university is seeking to increase “cultural competency” in pre-existing curriculums. “I think we can do more at Cal Poly to engage all students throughout their tenure at the university with an understanding and appreciation and value and respect for diversity,” said Annie Holmes, executive director for the Office of University Diversity and Inclusivity.

4. Sheriff still investigating 1996 disappearance of Kristen Smart


The San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s Department still searches for answers to Kristen Smart’s unanswered disappearance. “We will continue to track down any and all leads that come our way until we’ve exhausted every one of them,” Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Tony Cipolla said.

5. CLA proposing four new minors

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An intersection for all students is presented with the College of Liberal Arts’ proposal for four new interdisciplinary minors that would merge humanities and social sciences with science or engineering.

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