With the upcoming elections this week, I believe it is important for students to understand what they will be voting for. When it comes to deciding who will be our next ASI president, we need to choose the person who will be the most qualified to be our leader. When electing a president, we should want someone who has experience with the position and has already demonstrated dedication to their work.

Todd Maki has worked with ASI the last three years that he has been a student at Cal Poly. Although most students may feel that they have no idea what our student government does or how it affects them and the clubs they are involved with, those involved with ASI work hard to make sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly. In just this past year, Todd has dedicated himself to pushing for increased diversity-focused programs on campus, has worked on making Cal Poly a more sustainable and aware campus and has surveyed students to find what changes to transportation options throughout campus would help make it easier to commute to school.

There are many reasons why I believe Todd Maki would be the best choice for our next ASI president, these are just a few of the issues he has worked on that I am also passionate about. I hope that when we make our decisions this week, we will remember that a person who has already demonstrated experience and dedication to ASI is a better choice than someone who has admitted to not being “involved in politics.”

Sarah Eldridge

History junior

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