The cookie cutter response as to why you should vote for Todd Maki for ASI President is experience. My reasoning has to do with the byproducts of experience, knowledge and connections. Todd knows the position, it’s responsibilities, it’s role in the organization and the university, as well as the proper channels to influence change. Todd knows and has worked with the people in the organization, the city and university officials.

In addition to these qualities, Todd has the uncanny ability to unite people with diverse thoughts or beliefs with the common cause of student advocacy. When was the last time you saw the Republican and Democrat booths next to each other, united for a common cause? Bottom line, Todd has the passion needed to dedicate 40-hour work weeks to serve the students on top of a full class schedule. On May 3 and 4 make your voice heard, and vote Todd because …

Adam Serafin

Business administration senior

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