Bravenew Films, producer of controversial documentaries about corporate America, just hammered out its latest creation, “The Big Buy.” Now showing now at the San Luis Obispo Public Library and available on DVD, “The Big Buy,” exposes audiences to the unethical practices of Texas Republican Tom Delay.

The documentary highlights the works of Delay, known as “The Hammer,” who violated the Voting Rights Act by redistricting his state in order to gain more Republican seats in Congress.

The film does a great job of displaying the intentions of the House of Representatives’ majority leader, who, in the beginning of his term in 1994, stated that his plan was to revolutionize the government. Delay bluntly told the press about his plans to cut funding to the Department of Energy and many other key federal departments that are fundamental to the operations of this country. These were programs set up to assist struggling Americans.

The well-designed menu options on the DVD are entitled “Enter Crime Scene” and “Forensics.” But, it seems that the film had a debut delay. Where was this documentary four years ago? Six years ago?

Many guests in the movie speak the importance of even five seats in the House, and how redistricting changed the outcome on the Iraq war, and provided tax cuts for the rich. Viewing the edited film and seeing Delay’s schemes to get more Republicans in Congress, it seems as if the producers were just waiting for more stuff to insert into the movie.

As in any documentary, editing is key to the direction the film moves in: Some key quotes in the documentary revealed those who were the nails in Delay’s master plan.

And one of Delay’s biggest nails, Jack Abramoff – who pleaded guilty to bribery and other charges in January 2006 -is seen introducing Delay early on in his career to an auditorium of college students as, “who all of us want to be when we grow up.”

Texas District Attorney, Ronald “Ronnie” Earle thought otherwise about Delay. Once Earle found out that the organization Texans for a Republican Majority (TRMPAC), which Delay created, kept two sets of books, the Texas bull was let out of the pen.

In the end, Delay managed to redistrict Texas mid-census in order to get the results that he wanted, taking five Democratic seats away and creating five Republican ones.

“The Big Buy” is well worth the small ticket fee, and a must-see documentary emphasizing the importance of democracy in America. Keep an eye out for Bravenew Films other projects, including “Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price” and “Iraq For Sale: War Profiteers,” which hits theaters this fall.

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