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Last-minute holiday gifts they will love

When you were little, you probably gave your parents gifts like a still wet, glue-glittered plate that no one could eat off of – and your parents loved it. But now that you’re older, it’s usually more difficult to find a present that makes the same smash hit.

Campus leaders shed light on energy plans

The sun cast down favorable light Thursday as Empower Poly Coalition dedicated the new photovoltaic energy system located on the rooftop of the Engineering West building.

The ceremony took place at 11 a.m. on Dexter Lawn. This renewable energy project is the largest in San Luis Obispo County yet.

Day's return from injury bodes well for Poly women's indoor track team

Since childhood, many have dreamed to fly like Superman or Peter Pan.

Sharon Day can fly too.

“When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return,” is a quote of Leonardo da Vinci’s.

Former professor goes Belgian or bust

Move over French fries. Belgian fries have arrived in San Luis Obispo.

Cal Poly emeritus philosophy professor Fred O’Toole opened the gourmet fry shop Bel Frites with his wife Joyce Connelly and 13-year-old daughter Oona. Bel Frites serves up Belgian-style fries.

Shakespeare, satire to strike SLO

Imagine a holiday show that pairs outrageous lyrics with skits acted out in Shakespearean dialogue. Gale McNeeley has managed to combine them both in his new show “Gale McNeeley and the Satiricals.” The show is over an hour of singing, dancing and acting out songs originally by Tom Lehrer and the comedic material of Johnny Wayne and Frank Schuster.

Mustang women's field hockey club team takes league title

The Cal Poly field hockey club team managed to win a third straight championship Nov. 18 in Davis after playing a doubleheader in which both games went into overtime.

The Mustangs entered the playoff game ranked third out of the five colleges in the league.

World AIDS Day calls on Cal Poly

World AIDS Day is Dec. 1, however, Cal Poly is having its own AIDS event today through Thursday by offering free HIV testing and education. This is the first year free testing is offered thanks to Pride Alliance. The testing will take place at the Cal Poly Health Center from 9 a.

Writing poetry with a paintbrush

Color that extends from the Central Coast all the way to the Sierra Nevada mountains is painted around a haiku on the pages of Cal Poly emeritus professor and artist Robert Reynolds’ new book “Quiet Journey.” The book’s title comes from Reynolds’ personal trips, capturing people and nature in all seasons.

After election, one ballot issue remains

A person’s name means a great deal to them. A name bears your heritage and it’s your personal identification.

Now imagine not being able to sign a document because of a disability.

People First of San Luis Obispo, a self-advocacy organization for people with disabilities, wants a person’s signature stamp to count the same as a regular signature does on a voter’s ballot.

An extravaganza that took 21 years to come and one night to end

It sucks being the oldest out of all your friends. Not only do I get older before all the rest of them, I’m the mother of the group, making sure I carry the mints and the tissues. I’m fine with it really.

I spent my 2lst birthday with my mom and best friend in my apartment.

Women engineers win fifth national award

Winning first place once is hard enough, yet the Cal Poly Society of Women Engineers (SWE) has won first in the nation for its fifth straight year.

Each year a SWE National Conference award ceremony is held to give awards for the prior year’s accomplishments.