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Callie and Randy Price rolled up the door to their new storefront Jan. 8. In doing so, the couple took their traveling coffee cart to a new stationary location.

Originally transported in an army green Volkswagen Bus lent by Callie’s dad, Field Day Coffee is now located in The Guild at 1185 Monterey St.

Field Day is owned by two former Scout baristas who are now married. Caroline Silva | Mustang News

The couple’s relationship began with coffee when they worked at Scout Coffee together back in 2015. They were close friends for many years before dating, getting engaged and marrying all within a single year.

Scout Coffee catered their wedding. They said that was the moment they realized they wanted to do something similar.

“It was like an ‘Oh, that’s kind of a fun little niche. We can reach this market and just kind of see how it blossoms,’” Randy said. “That’s where the dream started.”

From there, they established their coffee cart Field Day, using the same model of espresso machine that Scout Coffee used at their wedding: a white La Marzocco Linea Mini. They opted for a traveling business as it was the “most approachable, least scary entrance” into the coffee business. Their first event was the Makeshift Makers Market at Malene Wines in San Luis Obispo on June 1.

The name Field Day is based on field days at school and the fun surrounding a nostalgic memory.

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“When you’re saying ‘Oh, I’m having a field day,’ it’s like taking the opportunity to do what you love, and I feel like that’s exactly what we’re doing here,” Callie said.

Their goal as a coffee shop is to provide high-quality coffee in the light-hearted manner their business is founded on, they said.

Field Day also sells coffee beans from Little Wolf Coffee Roasters and Sey Coffee.

Beyond coffee, the business also sells vintage cups and mugs, pottery, dried flower bouquets and tote bags designed by their close friend Grace Wodecki. The tote bag illustrates the coffee-making process, from picking the coffee cherries to handing the customer their coffee.

When designing their space, they said they wanted elements of themselves to shine through. Many of their decorations and furniture are second-hand due to their love of vintage and other “old things,” according to Callie. The coffee cart they began using when they first established their traveling business was bought second-hand from a craftsman in Paso Robles. Now, it is a staple in their store.

Field Day sells coffee beans from Little Wolf Coffee Roasters and Sey Coffee. Caroline Silva | Mustang News

Field Day’s current storefront is only temporary for their time during the off-season. Callie said they did not want the momentum of catering events to end, so “it made sense to keep the fire burning.”

As of right now, the couple are the only two working at and maintaining the shop.

“We just had to both make that decision to be committed,” Callie said. “This is it. This is our life now. Every day, eight to three.”

The Prices said they do not necessarily know what their coffee shop will become in the future.

“We’re just kind of letting it take us where it’s gonna take us,” Callie said. “We’re open to growing with it.”

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