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Midterms are rolling around faster than you can say “Java Blast,” and everyone has their own coping method. Maybe it’s setting fire to your TI-89 — or maybe it’s drinking five cups of coffee a day. Whatever your merit, surely music’s involved.

We asked a handful of tired but mighty students their go-to jam for midterm season. Here’s what they had to say.

Sigrid Derickson, mechanical engineering sophomore

Listening to: “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows” by Lesley Gore

 “I grew up knowing the refrain. I love (how) uplifting it is. It’s just a positive message, and I listen to it whenever I need a boost — like now, for Calc Four.”




Julia Madsen, computer engineering sophomore

Listening to: “Sway”- Anna of the North (Chainsmoker’s Remix)

 “It’s really calming and something to keep me focused. It helps with computer engineering — this stuff would be so boring without music.”




Chris Clark, computer science senior

Listening to: “Tony the Beat” by The Sounds

“This is a new band I just discovered. They sound kind of like Metric or Franz Ferdinand. I like listening to rock when I study.”




Lexi Takata, sociology junior

Listening to: “Firestone ft. Conrad Sewell” by Kygo

“I can’t study when it’s too quiet, and you know how some music is just too distracting? I like this because it has a good beat, but still makes it easy to focus.”




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