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On Oct. 21 and 22, Cal Poly’s Queer Student Union (QSU) will be hosting its second drag show in Spanos Theatre.

Adam Serafin, advisor for the Queer Student Union and Cross Cultural Centers Coordinator, said having a drag show goes against the norm in a place like San Luis Obispo.

“SLO is smaller, so a lot of folks may not have ever been to this sort of thing,” Serafin said. “But this is an opportunity to go.”

Members of the Queer Student Union have been putting a lot of work into this, Serafin said. Auditions were held, costumes put together, dancing was choreographed, lip-syncing was practiced and a storyline for the show was written.

“It’s suppose to be entertaining,” Serafin said. “It’s going to be a bit different from a typical drag show because there’s a storyline behind it.”

This is the Queer Student Union’s way of becoming a more social outlet, Serafin mentioned. It’s a newer club and in the past, it’s been all about activism.

“This event is mainly for entertainment,” Serafin said. “Drag shows are a performance.”

While they’ve done their part to raise awareness, QSU is using this opportunity to perform and bring the community together.

So forget all of the raunchy stereotypes about drag shows seen in the movies because, according to Serafin and QSU, the performance is about playing with the idea of gender.

“There’s confusion about drag shows,” Serafin said. “There’s a difference between ‘transgender’ and ‘gender identity.’”

QSU is hoping the event will help separate ideas about drag shows and gender, as well as show the community that there is more to drag shows than high heels and sparkly outfits.

The show is free and the Spanos Theater doors open at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 21 and Thursday, Oct. 22.

“Expect to have fun and be entertained,” Serafin said.

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