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It’s that time again — the first of fall 2015’s Tuesday Tunes installment. We harassed some unsuspecting students to hear what they were listening to, and most importantly, why? Was it next on shuffle? Did it remind them of someone they’d loved and lost?


Ryan Miller, kinesiology senior

Currently listening to: “Latch” by Boyce Avenue feat. Lia Marie Johnson (Sam Smith cover)

“The guy does really, really excellent covers of like a lot of famous songs. He covers ‘Latch’ and does a really good job of it. He’s been doing covers for like, ever.”

MN: Does he do a better job? 

Miller [whispers]: “I think he does a pretty damn good job.”


Kayla Veloso, English sophomore

Currently listening to: “Real Life” by The Weeknd

“It’s just chill. It has really nice dynamics and the melody’s really nice. He has an overall calm voice.”


Mark Jones, civil engineering freshman

Currently listening to: “The Valley” by The Oh Hellos

“Music has to mean something to me. I don’t really listen to music that doesn’t carry a strong message — I mean yes, I do listen to music that doesn’t, but I prefer to because I like the lyrics and I like the band a lot because I saw them live. I’m into that folk-type music that has a lot of acoustic and banjo and mandolin. I like to hear different instruments.”


Anthony Berardi, economics senior

Currently listening to: “Memory Lane (Sittin’ In Da Park)” by Nas

“I feel like it helps me relax. It’s a good song that I like to listen to, for any situation really. This was one of the first rap songs that I heard and it really got me into the scene of hip hop and made me like old-school hip hop and (it’s) more about beats rather than the lyrics,” he said.

Check out next week’s edition of Tuesday Tunes — your face might just be in it.

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