Credit: Nico Vinuela | Mustang News

Latin Grammy Award-winning musician Diego García, known professionally as Twanguero, performed at Cal Poly’s Spanos Theatre on Saturday, January 29.

This was the first show of his new tour, which is being used to promote his new record, Carreteras Secundarias Volume 2. 

“So, basically, it’s a guitar album where I pay tribute to the forest… when I give back what the forest gave me, which is this beautiful instrument that conditioned my life forever,” García said.

The new record was written in the jungle of Costa Rica, and was made alongside a documentary that followed the creative process. 

García also said that both projects were inspired by his time in the jungle. 

“What I really wanted to do was find the jungle key, the chord, okay, the tonality of the jungle,” he said.

The show consisted of songs from his new record as well as his previous albums and covers. Some numbers were done alongside his band, and some were done solo. 

“Carreteras Secundarias Volume 2” is set for release on April 1st.

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