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Cal Poly students Kyle Randel and Chloe Smit both came away with big prizes after taking a spin on Wheel of Fortune’s “College Week Spring Break” during the second week of April. 

Randel and Smit were featured on episodes of the college edition of the show and competed head-to-head against students from other universities. They played for the chance to win prizes like new cars, luxury vacations and cash prizes by solving puzzles of hidden word phrases. 

Political science junior Smit was a contestant on Wheel of Fortune on April 8. Smit said she applied to be on Wheel of Fortune two years ago yet was not able to make the in-person auditions. Smit said she has wanted to be on the show for years because it was a nightly dinner-time staple in her house. 

“I was really nervous the entire day watching everyone tape shows thinking I would mess up the rules or not sound like a contestant,” Smit said in an email. “But weirdly enough, as soon as they start the camera and the game begins, you turn into a perfect contestant and it becomes weirdly natural.”

Smit made it to the last round of the episode she appeared on, won and took home $60,540 and a luxury vacation to Barbados. 

“It was really fun to watch the show with my family and friends when it aired,” Smit said in an email. “No one knew the results so we were jumping all over each other for each puzzle.”

Randel, a business administration senior, auditioned to be on Wheel of Fortune over Zoom while he was studying abroad in South Korea. He said he has been a dedicated Wheel of Fortune fan for as long as he can remember, so he said it was a surreal experience getting to spin the wheel himself. 

On Randel’s episode, he won $5,000 in cash prizes. With his winnings, Randel said he plans to donate and fund his mission trips to serve people around the world. 

“It was so much fun,” Randel said in an email. “We created a group chat with all of the contestants from college week and it is one of the funniest group chats I have ever been a part of. It was so cool to make a bunch of new friends that day.”

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