I believe there are two aspects of the ASI elections that are seriously flawed: The ASI Board of Directors elections as a whole and the fact that students can’t vote from their personal computers.

As a voter in the ASI Board of Directors election, I feel completely incapable of making an educated decision on who would best serve on my college. I do not know any of the candidate’s credentials, what they are advocating, and why they would be the best people for the job. I don’t even know where I could find out this information. I, along with most of the student population, also don’t even know what being on the Board of Directors entails. All I know about this election is that some candidates have put fliers up for themselves around campus. I believe the selection of these Board of Directors positions would be much better served by an application and interview process. With that type of process, people who actually know about the position can take the time to evaluate the candidates and make a much more informed decision than I ever could.

I also think it is ridiculous that I am unable to vote on my personal computer at my home. Anyone who has voted this year has noticed that all votes are cast at my.calpoly.edu. However, you can’t vote at home, you have to go to the polling locations to cast your vote. ASI is sending a strong message that they want students to vote, but by making students cast their vote on campus, they are losing thousands of students who don’t make the effort to go to the polling locations.

Alex Wyatt
Industrial engineering senior

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