While facebooking I noticed that the “Under 4” people are trying to further spread their hatred of drinking. They spent perfectly good money on putting an ad on Facebook. I thought the lame posters and ads in this fine paper were bad enough.

I hate the stupid “Under 4” campaign that Cal Poly has. It’s tough to say if I hate it more than the study “25-35 hours a week” thing. Anyways, the studying thing will be bitched about later in the quarter.

I hate seeing the signs telling me that 67 percent of Cal Poly students have less than four drinks when they drink. Forty-nine percent of Cal Poly students go to a bar or party one time or less per week.

When I look around at school, I’ve noticed that about half the people in my class are nerds. I’m going to have to say that those are the ones who are not drinking. I don’t want to be compared to nerds, grades do that already. Oh yeah, I have a 3.41 GPA overall and I drink all the time.

I was fortunate enough to take the survey last year and I answered the maximum number of drinks for every question. I’d like to see the full results of the survey because I’m sure it indicates that there are cool kids at Cal Poly that drink a lot. As one of my professors always says: There are three types of people: liars, damn liars and statisticians.

There really isn’t anything to do in this town other than go out and drink on the weekends. Anyways, getting drunk recreationally a few times a week is a lot of fun.

Jon Haines

Journalism senior

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