All right, now I’m pissed off. I don’t know about how other people feel about this, but I am about ready to go postal over this issue of illegal immigration. These little rallies they have been having over the last couple of weeks are getting old really fast. Here’s a word for illegal immigrants: Stop waving the flags of your nationality in our country and get out. If you like your country so much as to wave its flag around, purposefully trying to antagonize people who actually belong here, perhaps you would do us all a favor and return to that nation and stop using our tax dollars for free education, free medical care and every other service you take for granted.

Honestly, this situation should not even be an issue. Very few Americans have a problem with immigrants, per se; we’re all immigrants after all, even the Native Americans got here somehow. We are very appreciative of the contributions of immigrants and the work they have done to make America a better nation, but we do not appreciate people illegally pouring into our country by the millions. And we really don’t like having those same lawbreakers waving their foreign flags and holding rallies in our nation as if they have a right to be here.

The government needs to get on the ball and start enforcing existing legislation and reinforce our border patrol to stem the tide of those who would break into America. Haven cities in the southwest need to stop making it so that police officers cannot report the presence of illegal immigrants to federal authorities. Americans are not going to let many elected officials get away with not listening to our concerns and this next election may spell the end of many a congressman’s time in office over this issue.

Ryan Hunter

Mechanical engineering senior

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