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Editor’s note: Mustang News previously published a story with the headline “Cal Poly Football makes massive roster cuts,” but it was removed from the website due to significant factual errors. The story previously reported that all three quarterbacks were cut from the team, when only one quarterback was cut. 

Fourteen players from Cal Poly Football’s spring roster have been removed following the shortened 2021 spring season, according to Cal Poly Athletics. The roster changes came one day after the team made the decision to opt out of the six-game season.

Of the 14 individuals, seven players were either fifth-year seniors or fourth-year juniors that graduated or chose to leave the team themselves. Another four are injured players who are working on medical retirement from football, and three more players are freshmen leaving the program for various reasons, according to Cal Poly spokesperson Matt Lazier.

Roster changes following the season are typical due to injuries, cuts, graduation and attrition. According to Cal Poly Athletics, the football team usually loses 20 to 25 players following any given season, most of which come from graduating seniors or injuries.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCAA granted an extra year of eligibility to student-athletes that were on the spring roster. Roster changes were partly made in light of the extra year of eligibility. As players now have six years to compete in five total seasons, an overflow of players is inevitable, Lazier said.

One quarterback on the roster was cut, and two remaining quarterbacks on the roster are switching positions going forward. Redshirt sophomore Jalen Hamler is moving from quarterback to safety while redshirt junior Kyle Reid is switching from quarterback to wide receiver, according to Cal Poly Athletics.

Cal Poly Football is scheduled to begin their normal fall 2021 season on Sept. 4 at the University of San Diego.

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