Ryan Chartrand

Valentine’s Day gifts typically consist of heart or lip shaped chocolates, but this year you might actually receive chocolate shaped like vaginal lips.

Cal Poly’s Peer Health Education group PULSE has been selling the anatomically correct chocolate vaginas at University Union hour for the last couple of weeks.

Educational Resources on Sexuality (ERO) PULSE member, Nadia Yousef, a sophomore economics senior, said that the money raised will benefit the campus-based health organization.

“We want to help spread safe sex by passing out candy grams that come with condoms and lube to support safe sex and Love Carefully Week,” Yousef said.

Students who buy a chocolate vagina will also get a free condom rose.

“We’re basically building on the money we already have to help promote safe sex and education at the health center,” Yousef added.

Economic Opportunity Commission Health Clinic of San Luis Obispo County Outreach coordinator Casey Tolosa collaborated with PULSE for the fundraising cause.

The local organization provides services to many students because of the close proximity.

“We are just here to give students another option and places to get tested,” Tolosa said. “Almost half of our clientŠle are students.”

The clinic is located on Grand Avenue – walking distance from the dorms – where they provide free reproductive health services, such as birth control and STD testing.

“Students come because we can give faster services because the health center here doesn’t just see for reproductive health stuff, but it sees for everything,” Tolosa said.

Student tests at the clinic are confidential.

Nutrition sophomore and ERO member Jenna Haug said the group should sell out of their popular treats this weekend at Vagina Monologues on both Saturday and Sunday night.

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