Illustration by Joseph Corral

Erin Abzug

With all the hype about the perfect Valentine’s Day, it’s almost expected that something is going to go wrong. The ones that go wrong, however, are the ones worth remembering.

A good-hearted act that did not turn out as planned was done by electrical engineering senior Tomi Babalola.

During Babalola’s freshman year, he bought a girl flowers, a box of chocolates, a card and a teddy bear. He left the presents on the porch of the girl’s house.

“She and her roommate had the same name,” Babalola said. “I rang the bell, but I didn’t write the last name to distinguish the roommates, so the wrong roommate got it.”

Babalola was unlucky in more ways than one in this situation. He now had a girl who thought he was interested, and girl who thought he forgot about her.

Communication studies senior Alison Johnson shared a similar feeling of being neglected on Valentine’s Day — a pretty severe neglect.

Johnson and her high school boyfriend had been going through a rocky period, “but I was committed to him and crazy in love,” Johnson said.

“He ended up blowing me off on Valentine’s Day, going to a lingerie party, sleeping with another girl and telling me he doesn’t feel the same way about me,” Johnson said.

That was a pretty traumatic experience for Johnson, but the following year she was feeling a little more hopeful.

“I was dating this other guy the next year who asked me to hang out on Valentine’s Day,” Johnson said. “I was so excited that he could redeem the day for me.”

Unfortunately, Johnson got her hopes up only to be let down again. The guy she was dating blew her off, said they didn’t have a spark and that it was awkward between them.

The same day, her previous ex-boyfriend called her because he didn’t have anyone else to spend the day with.

“I’ve been sworn off the holiday since then,” Johnson said.

Business administration senior Emma Haberlach swore off the holiday at a young age.

“My boyfriend and I in sixth grade were going to exchange gifts and I bought him a big five-pound Hershey’s kiss,” she said. “When it came to switching presents he told me he forgot to get me one. I spent all of lunch eating it with my friends and then smashing it on the ground.”

Then there are those who cause other’s to have an unfortunate Valentine’s Day.

“Well I pretended to be my friend’s secret admirer in the sixth grade and made him believe that it was his crush,” computer engineering senior Bassem Tossoun said. “I filled his backpack with notes and candy and then he went to give his crush a kiss and she denied him. He got mad at first, but it all ended up working out.”

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