Julianne Byer

Feb. 14 is vastly approaching. In most cases, only two options are before us: partaking in the romantic union between two loved ones over candlelight, or diving into Ben and Jerry’s while watching “7th Heaven” re-runs-alone. But why is it that only two options exist? Is there not more meaning to this holiday of love?

Of course there is. There are not any rules written in stone saying that to be happy on Valentine’s Day means to be in love. Quite the contrary – the holiday is about celebratinglove, not just physically partaking in it. Love for families, friends and if it applies, a significant other. Valentine’s Day should not end in tears; it is only one day, one simple day that happens every year.

After all, it is not a huge show-stopper holiday anyway. I mean, think about it. We celebrate the day with reds and pinks and little chalky candies that say, “Be Mine” – not to mention the mounds of chocolate we’ll be consuming that we will surely regret the next day.

Valentine’s Day is just another holiday. A holiday that has been over-commercialized and its true meaning has been forgotten. Am I really expected to walk into a store and see piles and piles of teddy bears, paper valentines and chocolate covered-strawberries, and suddenly let the media convince me that without that significant other I am doomed to be alone for the rest of my life? I don’t think so-

And for the other half of us, the ones who care enough to let that holiday spirit wash over us in hopes of “filling a void,” do we really expect true love to blossom as the sun rises, or even to see that little half-naked Cupid pop out and lead us to our soul mates? Probably not. Let’s be realistic here people. Valentine’s Day has been turned into a day of hearts, flowers, candy and merchandise.

Surprise, surprise, the liberal female journalist is ranting about Valentines Day. True. But I’m not bashing the idea of love and romance. I mean, duh, these are nice things to partake in, but we can’t make our very existence only worth living in hopes of finding that one true love to celebrate the day with.

That is why we must turn to V-Day with a whole new outlook. We must push past all of the mushy-gushy garbage and realize that it is a day about celebrating the love for everyonein our life. And even if some of us are stuck in with our trusty ice cream tub in one hand and remote control in the other, we should be happy knowing that it’s just another holiday, and we have 364 other days to find what we really want in life.

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