Cal Poly students engage in yoga to help them to invest in themselves and lead a balanced lifestyle. Victoria's Secret Pink Program | Courtesy Photo

Victoria’s Secret’s Pink Nation has partnered with members of the Cal Poly community to market their products and create events for students to participate in. These events include giveaways, fashion show viewing parties and yoga nights. Pink Nation, which is a Victoria’s Secret clothing line, seeks to partner with students to build a presence on college campuses.

Industrial engineering junior Michelle Wong and business administration junior Kassidy Tran are Victoria’s Secret Pink brand ambassador on campus. They both work to expand Victoria’s Secret’s presence on campus and to gain professional experience. They accomplish this through planning and hosting events on campus as well as managing multiple social media accounts.

“Ultimately we want to grow the brand’s awareness on campus and usually when we’re promoting these events, there’s also a coinciding clothing drop that will be promoting alongside with Pink,” Wong said.

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One of the Pink program’s more recent events was a yoga night. Taught by KJ Jones, a local yoga instructor at Spark Yoga, the 30-minute event Jan. 19 awarded the first few attendees with free sports bras. Business administration junior Charissa Loo attended the yoga night.

“Yoga is something you do to balance your body, and to remember that it’s OK to take time aside from being on your phone and being around friends and drinking and being around the college lifestyle,” Loo said.

According to Loo, yoga helps women invest in themselves and balance their daily lives, something Pink’s brand tries to help out with too.

”That’s why I think they were trying to make a yoga event. Because yoga does focus on inner peace and balance. And I think Pink can really benefit from not only standing behind really cute items but a great message,” Loo said.

Yoga night was co-sponsored by the Cal Poly Women in Business Association. The collaboration and partnership with the Pink program was part of a new Well-Rounded Women series that aims to help women lead more balanced lifestyles, physically and mentally. This involved workshops to build unique skills that could help them in their everyday lives.

“This yoga workshop was a part of this new series- it was a huge success and I am so grateful for the opportunity to partner with such a fun group, through which Women in Business was also able to expand its reach on campus,” business administration junior Simran Moza wrote in a statement to Mustang News.

This is the first year the Pink program has been established at Cal Poly. In the future the Pink ambassadors hope to host more events, including giveaways both on and off campus.

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