Ryan Chartrand

This is my fourth year at Cal Poly, and as far as I can remember, we’ve been asked to vote on some type of Rec Center or sports facilities expansion EVERY YEAR. Remember when they wanted to build an indoor track? Now we’re voting on a “multi-activity center,” shown in an artist’s rendition with students playing indoor soccer. That sure would be useful for the two weeks a year it rains in San Luis Obispo.

Students keep voting these proposals down, for good reason. You’d figure ASI could take a hint.

Every quarter it keeps getting more and more difficult to register for classes, and the problem is only going to get worse with increasing enrollment. Even people who use their precious priority choices find that classes are full before they even get a chance to register. It’s been at least a year since I’ve had a class with fewer than 40 people in it. We need more teachers, not more treadmills.

If your parents pay for all your college expenses, $65 a quarter might not sound like much. But for the rest of us starving students, that could be two weeks of food. Or at the very least, that same amount of money could pay the average yearly salary for 52 new instructors. If you’d rather spend that money on a bunch of new exercise machinery because you don’t like waiting five minutes, or, I don’t know, riding a REAL bicycle, then go ahead and vote for it. For everyone else, vote NO on the Rec Center expansion.

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