I think Erin Lutsko’s letter to the editor “Todd why?” is one of the best letters written in the Mustang Daily! It’s almost as good as Brian Eller’s “conservative” column. I think that bashing Todd Maki on his haircut and also Tylor Middlestadt as the current ASI president is an excellent strategy to make people want to vote for Anne Giapapas. I think I will change my vote to Anne because she is “prettier than Paris Hilton.” Maybe just as smart.

First of all, Tylor Middlestadt has been one of the best presidents here at Cal Poly. The fact that sustainability is now known by many students here is just one reason why he has done a great job. Maybe you don’t care, but Tylor has lobbied consistently to our legislators about bringing back funding to Cal Poly and the CSU system.

Anyone can focus on negative things of someone’s presidency, but that does not mean he wasn’t a great president.

But I think you are a pretty clever girl, spelling Todd Maki and Tylor Middlestadt, “Toddler Makistadt.” Seriously, “Todd + Tylor = Toddlor” is ingenious, but you changed the “O” to an “E.” That’s ok though, it’s “clevor.”

Not to mention calling Tylor MJ, and telling him to BEAT IT, referring to Michael Jackson’s popular song. Bravo!

Now, I will make my vote for Todd, because I have NEVER heard Todd Maki make low blows to Anne Giapapas. Thanks a lot Erin, you just lost a vote for Anne.

Adrian V. Herrera

Aerospace engineering junior

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