Anyone else think the bike regulations on this campus are absolutely ridiculous? I’m glad I’m doing favors for several factions (myself, my bank account, the environment, the school, bus riders, everyone else who still insists on driving to campus…), and University Police Department thanks me by pulling me over on my way to class (and potentially fining me $100 in the future) because I’m riding my bike in a “Walk Your Bike” zone. I’m sorry, but what the hell is the point of riding my bike to school if all but one road is a “Walk Your Bike” zone?!

The university says, in response to our parking complaints, that we should take advantage of other means of transportation, yet doesn’t facilitate our choosing said means.

Why am I not allowed to ride my bike, well, anywhere?! And if UPD is going to cite me for riding in the walk zone, they damn well better cite the idiots who obliviously walk in the only place I’m technically allowed to ride my bike. Next time you hear about a bicyclist/pedestrian hit-and-run on Via Carta, there’s a good chance it was me.

Emily Doris
Civil engineering senior

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