I never thought I would be writing a letter thanking the police, especially not the University Police after the obscene number of parking tickets I have accumulated over the years. Nevertheless, here it is: a thank you note. Today, I was fortunate enough to witness two of Cal Poly’s finest men in blue giving tickets to a whole line of bikers who had been caught doing something illegal. Thank God.

I really cannot stand how bikers think they can veer into the car lanes, cut drivers off, and then not stop at stop signs as I am still slamming on my brakes trying, against my better instincts, not to run over them in my car. Speaking of cars, my fellow drivers know that we’re the ones usually racking up the tickets on campus. So now you understand why I was more than a little pleased to see those bikers, who think they’re driving cars, to finally get ticketed like cars. To sum things up – way to go Cal Poly five-o. Keep up the equal opportunity ticketing!

Julie Bartok
Biology senior

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