I am appalled and flabbergasted that the Daily ran James Glen’s cartoon that compared girls who wear huge sunglasses to walruses.

The walrus is a gentle and majestic creature that has many valuable uses (tu$ks anyone?)

Everyone knows that girls who wear those huge sunglasses are more aptly compared to the titanic elephant seal, in that they both have huge unwieldy objects flapping around in front of their face that obstructs their vision.

All joking aside, you can’t blame the wearers of those huge glasses for what they do. Their only recourse in life is to display something so exponentially ugly that people become distratced and stop paying attention to what the person actually looks like.

Now, you may be silently asking me if I fear the retaliation from this crowd of people who seems to think that this huge sunglasses style is hip and trendy. To you I say no.

Bug eyes are compound, meaning they are good for detecting movement, but absolutely useless for looking at stationary things, like printed newstype.

I urge you all to condemn the Mustang Daily for their social ignorance, and donate several dollars of your income to help the beloved walrus conservation effort.

Justin Fassino

Journalism junior

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