Ryan Chartrand

I’m kind of confused about the abortion display. Now, you may ask why I’m not registering disgust about the gory pictures; my dad’s a doctor and I’ve seen more than my share of disgusting medical stuff. My real concern is the origin of those pictures.

Now, there’s not an abortion provider that I know of (no reputable one anyway) who deliberately mangles fetuses in the manner shown in the pictures. For that matter, they don’t lay them out and display to take pictures that are vaguely reminiscent of Abu Ghraib. All of which brings me to my main point: Where did these pictures come from? The only way I can think of that anyone would be able to get these pictures is to mangle a fetus themselves. That’s pretty disgusting and says more about the people taking the pictures than it does about abortion in general.

Now, I could be wrong. I don’t know where those pictures came from. The problem is, no one seems to. Perhaps we could clear that up and see if the context of the images actually supports the claims they’re trying to make.

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