Ryan Chartrand

Before everyone gets too crazy about the anti-abortion displays on campus, I would like to propose a solution to the arguing. And no, the following is not based on my stance on abortion, it is based on the simple concept of ignoring things that are not debated in a civilized way.

In contrast to all the political and ideological arguments that are sure to ensue, I would like everyone to look at the display for what it is, in its most fundamental sense. The people who are responsible for the displays somehow get a sense of accomplishment from traveling the country with gigantic posters of dead babies. The last time I checked, that was pretty odd (maybe even a little sad?). Their actions in no possible way promote the advancement of the human race. For instance, if I traveled the country with my friends, taking with me several 20-foot tall posters of hamburgers and argued the superiority of hamburgers over hot dogs, you would all think I was crazy. Thus, I am curious as to how this is any different.

These people say that they are creating lively debate about a serious issue, but I beg to differ. No one is really going to change their stance based on the displays; in fact, I predict that it will make some people more devout in their original views. I would like to ask you to not get so worked-up before you analyze the displays for what they truly are in their most basic sense.

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