From earrings to naval piercings and gauges to nose rings, many of us enjoy embellishing our faces and bodies with piercings as a form of self-expression. Even though many people today view piercings as a trendy way to enhance features, people have worn body piercings for a multitude of other reasons for thousands of years. By exploring how piercing has been a part of a variety of cultures since the beginnings of human history, we can understand the various roles piercings have played in symbolizing identity, politics and developments over time.

The oldest mummified body ever discovered was found frozen in an Austrian Glacier in 1991. Scientists dated the body to be over 5,000 years old. The body had pierced ears with holes that had been enlarged to have a diameter of about 8mm. Ear stretching, the practice of creating a larger lobe piercing, has been used throughout cultures as a rite of passage into adulthood, as a sign of wealth or wisdom and to identify groups of people. Ear stretching is a process that can take several months to several years to complete, depending on the desired size, and must be done carefully. Urban Body Jewelry, a body jewelry company located in Grover Beach, has created a comprehensive ear stretching guide in order to answer questions people may have about safe ear stretching. 

Along with creating informative resources for ear-stretching, Urban Body Jewelry provides ear stretching kits and supplies for aftercare. Plugs and tunnels for stretched ears are available in acrylic, bone, glass, horn, silicone, stainless steel, stone and wood materials, ranging from 1.2mm to 50mm in size. In a catalog of over 3,500 products, Urban body Jewelry also offers hoops and nose, cartilage, nipple, eyebrow, lip and belly button rings with free shipping on orders over $20.

Piercings are as old as recorded human history and have expressed an assortment of meanings around the world. Whatever meanings you attribute to your piercings, Urban Body Jewelry is here to help you find the right accessories to fulfill your purpose.

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