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College Students Count in SLO County

San Luis Obispo County is committed to counting our entire population—and that includes college students, even if your permanent address is somewhere else. Government officials use Census data to distribute billions of dollars for programs and services, including student loans, campus improvements, research grants, health care, and more. The data will also be used to […]

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Where did piercings come from?

From earrings to naval piercings and gauges to nose rings, many of us enjoy embellishing our faces and bodies with piercings as a form of self-expression. Even though many people today view piercings as a trendy way to enhance features, people have worn body piercings for a multitude of other reasons for thousands of years. […]

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Woodstock’s Pizza opens “The Backyard” for 40-year anniversary

Woodstock’s Pizza’s new “ultimate backyard experience” is set to open and entertain San Luis Obispo community members. The Sept. 27 Grand Opening Community Party presents The Backyard, the chain’s expansion which includes a brand new backyard area sporting picnic tables, games, fully-refurbished bathrooms and two inviting bars featuring 24 taps. Woodstock’s prides itself on creating an environment for […]



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