As the presidential debates are underway and are either confirming, changing or are still swaying voters’ decisions, Nov. 6 is rapidly approaching. Voters may not have their minds made up, but where to vote in San Luis Obispo should be known.

“Most of my friends and other students do an absentee ballot because they are registered at home,” communication studies senior Alex Davila said.

That is one way for students to vote, but for those who may not be registered in their hometowns, Cal Poly does a great job of assisting students in the voting process.

ASI Chief of Staff Katie Brennan said there was a voter registration drive in the University Union (UU). Since Oct. 9, this booth has been attracting students and aiding in promoting registration. The drive ended on Oct. 22.

The University Union will also be serving as a polling place on the day of the election. This is accessible for students who are living on campus or who spend the majority of their day in classes.

However, as Brennan explained, “Students who live on campus aren’t part of the San Luis Obispo city, so the ballots on campus will be based on the San Luis Obispo County.”

This may have an impact on those who are interested in having a voice for city issues as well. In this case, the San Luis Obispo County Department is a primary voting spot.

“Come into our office at 1055 Monterey Street and the election window is open,” San Luis Obispo County elections department deputy clerk recorder Trina Taylor said. On election day the polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

The website for San Luis Obispo County is also very helpful in guiding people through the voting process. A student can find their polling place by typing in their home address on the website and it will present them with a name, address and picture of where to go.

A few of these spots include the Zion Lutheran Fellowship Hall located at 1010 Foothill Boulevard, the San Luis Obispo Veterans’ Hall located at 801 Grand Avenue, Grace Church located at 1036 Pismo Street, as well as the Ludwick Community Center at 864 Santa Rosa Street.

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