Frankly, Samantha, from the tone of your column and the description of your friends, I think the nice guys are actively avoiding you. I know, I know, women think they can bat their eyes and we come running – all is forgiven, no matter how many times you have “preyed” on us in the past.

But nice guys – more or less by definition – are immune to such tricks. Looks aren’t enough – you may turn our heads, but you won’t turn our hearts. We are waiting for someone with more depth, someone who is worth all the effort – and trust me, a nice guy will go to the ends of the earth to make you happy.

Instead, you spend your time with guys typified by your examples of “bad manners.” Are you honestly going to tell me that you can’t make the call within the first few dates? And if you choose to stay with him, why are you surprised that they don’t value you as a person? Contrary to what you think, they too, are “preying on the weakest.” A real woman – confident and assured – wouldn’t waste her time with a jackass.

So ladies, end the damn cycle. Find the nice guys – not by whining about your current flings, but by actively seeking us out. Prove that you are worth the time and energy – we will notice, I promise.

Jonathan Clanton

Computer engineering senior

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