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Keeping boys around for sporadic “favors” (you know, light bulb changing mostly) has created less than perfect karma even for the coolest chicks, but the way in which women are being treated is getting out-of-hand. I’m tempted to call it an all-out epidemic.

I know women do the same crap that they complain about men doing to them, but generally women choose to mess with men who are below their caliber in one way or another. Not that I’m justifying anything on behalf of women (I know you don’t have to be ridiculously good looking to have feelings), but at least they aren’t trying to mess with Darwin’s theory. For the most part, women prey on the weakest males. Men, on the other hand, try to take down alpha females.

This has probably been going on for generations, but it’s starting to affect my group of phenomenal girlfriends a little too much. They are each educated, motivated and beautiful; yet not one of them can find a man who is willing to devote the time or effort into them that they need and deserve.

The peculiar thing is the men they adore have little more than inflated egos, spare tires and the genetics of potential alcoholics to offer the world. Yet, somehow, they have convinced these amazing women that they have genius level IQs, perfect bodies and even if they act stupid it’s in a smart kind of way. I know, I know … not everybody is as perfect as these ladies are and they need to be accepting of that, but how can a man who is a complete jackass and slightly unattractive manage to pull such hot women?

A massive amount of women have been complaining recently about how men are treating them like crap more than ever. Actually some are complaining that guys don’t even put out the energy to treat them badly anymore and instead flat-out ignore them (except for those random drunk dials on the weekends).

When did manners become obsolete?

I’m not talking about the chivalry of opening doors and presenting a beautiful woman with an equally beautiful bouquet of flowers “just because.” I’m talking about plain old “please” and “thank you” and telling a girl that you’re “just not that into her” rather than stringing her along for the occasional ego boost.

Boys, put your manners back in!

Below are a few helpful tips of how to do so:

When a person takes you home – making multiple vomit stops along the way – the said person should at the very least receive a thank you the next day. Unfortunately, the egos of many a man gets in the way of expressing the gratitude that anyone other than Narcissus has.

When you’re dating someone, DO NOT try and spit the same game at one of their friends, especially if the three of you are in the same college department. Women talk about men constantly and the people whom they speak about their men to are usually their friends.

When you’re hooking-up with another girl (we’ll call her Candace), please don’t leave your ex-girlfriend a message moaning Candace’s name. It’s just rude, a little creepy and shows your ex that you’re thinking about her while your with someone else (this really happened). Trying to make a woman jealous will get you nowhere because she will always win that game and seriously, I doubt your ex gives a damn.

If you do happen to ignore the above hint and have your phone near your bed, try not to let Candace get ahold of your phone enabling her to text your ex about the amazing sex she just had with you. That’s just gross.

Speaking of text messages, quit it already. Are men really so inept that they need a two-minute lag time to respond to what the brilliant woman on the other end says? If you are thinking about the gal and feel the need to communicate with her, pick up the damn phone and use it the way Alexander Graham Bell intended it to be used.

And finally, a woman may drive you to drink, but you’ve probably driven her to take up quilting.

So boys, clean it up and stop acting so disrespectful towards girls because honestly, you’re not that great.

Samantha Strom is a Mustang Daily guest columnist and a journalism senior.

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