I think every reasonable college student would agree that progress is better than moving backwards. In our educational studies we want to advance in knowledge, we want to become promoted at work and we desire to grow in our relationships with friends and significant others. This recent epiphany made my decision for ASI President very simple.

Todd Maki possesses all the qualities that would make a strong leader and pave the way for progress in the student body. The ASI president is responsible for training new leaders. It is sad for me to think that Ann Giapapas will need to be training by younger students on how to make change within the framework of the university and the community. ASI Presidents sacrifice a lot while in office as they spend hours upon hours serving students. It gives me comfort that Maki has already proven his dedication over the last few years instead of running for president as the flavor of the month. When a real issue faces you next year, I’m sure you would want a leader in office who is ready and able to serve you instead of figuring out the basics. Todd is a truly incredible man. He has pure motives for running for president and the energy to make things happen. This Wednesday and Thursday join me in voting for Todd Maki for the ASI President.

Blake Bolton

Industrial and technical studies graduate

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