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With an 18-0 record, the undefeated Golden State Warriors are hands-down the best team in basketball right now. Even if you’re a Spurs fan, a Clippers fan or even a Cavaliers fan, you’ve probably said the same thing at one point this past month.

The question up in the air, however, is if the Warriors will continue their perfect streak.

In the early 1970s, the Los Angeles Lakers carried their best season in history with a 33-game winning streak. Now it’s the Warriors turn to break history this season.

But can they do it?

I have no doubt that The Warriors will outplay any of the NBA teams. The only real nail-biter that may shake the Warriors’ record is a game facing the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Warriors will face the Cavaliers at home this Christmas Day, and it would be quite the present for them — and for their fans — if they win the 2014-15 NBA Finals rematch.

But right now the Cavaliers are trying to prove that they can turn that around.

With a current 12-4 record, the Cavaliers hold a strong lead in the Eastern Conference, and from what we saw in last year’s NBA Finals, they can definitely put up a fight.

Another @KingJames game-winner? ✔ #CavsNets #StriveForGreatness

— Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) November 29, 2015

That especially includes the Cavaliers’ top player and all-time great LeBron James, who currently ranks fifth in the league in points per game.

However, the Warriors are above that right now, and seem to gain more and more momentum with each win.

Facing the Phoenix Suns on Nov. 27, the Warriors held some of their best numbers of the season. Overall they shot 22 3-pointers, with 15 shot in the first half of the game to make history for the most three-pointers scored in a single half. Star player Stephen Curry scored eight of the three-pointers.

That brings me to my next point — LeBron and the Cavaliers may be good, but this season they don’t even compare to Curry and other Warriors greats.

Curry is currently the best player in the NBA as he leads the league with an average of 32.6 points shot per game. He has scored at least 40 points in five games despite not even playing in the last quarter of some of those games.

Draymond Green is yet another strong Warrior to look out for on the court. On Nov. 27 alone Green scored 16 points, with 10 rebounds and 10 assists, earning his third career triple-double.

Other strong Warriors include Andre Iguodala, who provides shutdown defense and scored 25 points on Nov. 28, as well as Klay Thompson, who averages 16.1 points per game. Many of the Warriors’ current players helped the team glide through last year’s finals, and can very well do the same again this season.

The Warriors know how to make basketball look easy, gracefully cutting through all their opponents to land baskets almost without breaking a sweat. If they keep up their strategies and stay focused, while keeping injuries to a minimum, there’s no doubt they can break the Lakers’ record and stay undefeated through 2015.

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