Almost a year after Cal Poly broke ground on the William and Linda Frost Center for Research and Innovation, the construction of the building is going according to schedule. 

However, some faculty and students in the Agriculture (Bldg. 10) and English (Bldg. 22) buildings said they have been experiencing issues with noise and blocked exits due to the construction. 

Some of these issues are “unavoidable” due to the building’s proximity to the construction site said Facilities Management and Development Customer Service Specialist Jessica Hunter.

The Facilities Management and Development Department offers some ways to combat these concerns, including sound reducing barriers and alternative routes around buildings. Fans are also offered for rooms in which windows cannot be opened. 

Almost all second floor entrances to the building are blocked off, causing a common inconvenience for some students. 

“I have Experiential Marketing in the building,” recreation, parks and tourism administration junior Megan Popovich said. “It blocks off the entrance I normally use and I forget that I can enter there and then have to walk to another door.” 

Hunter said that the Facilities Management and Development Department is working to address these concerns.

“Some faculty have voiced concerns,” Hunter said. “The college leadership, Facilities, and in some cases, University Scheduling have worked with those faculty to explore options ranging from moving classes either permanently or temporarily as well as providing additional noise reducing panels for windows.”

Agricultural business professor Doug Sawyer said it has been difficult to access the buildings with several exits blocked off in both Bldg. 10 and Bldg. 22.

“Access and traffic through remaining doorways out of the building, toward the center of campus has been a challenge to navigate at the top of the hour,” Sawyer said. “I’ve learned to change my timing or go through a different door.” 

Cal Poly began construction on the Frost Center on May 3, 2019. Demolition was scheduled over last summer, when campus population was lower and classes could be easily moved further away from the site. 

Alumnus William Frost, and his wife Linda, gifted Cal Poly a record $110 million for the College of Science and Math and around $30 million of this will go into the 102,000 square foot facility.

The building is set to be finished in summer or fall of 2020. A more precise date will be determined closer to completion, Hunter said. 

The building will be home to 13 laboratories, including the Boswell Agricultural Technology Center, the Jack and Felicia Cashin Expressive Technology Studios. The facility will be located across from the Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics (Bldg. 180) and next to Bldg. 22 and Bldg. 10.

As for the demolished plant conservatory that once stood in place of the construction, a new one will be built on the hill at the intersection of Village Drive and Poly Canyon Road.

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