Ryan Chartrand

In response to letter to the editor, “Hope is Not an Empty Message”:

“Hope” is entirely empty rhetoric if the reason for hope is not substantiated.

Should we have hope that our future financial situation will be better than it is today? Sure we should, because we’ve seen it better in the past. It’s a substantiated fact that the economy is cyclical, it goes up and down, it booms and busts. We can have hope that a better economy will come tomorrow because the economy has a track record of coming back.

Should we have hope that Obama can guide us to the promised land? Well, let’s look at his track record. One and a half years in the U.S. Senate (before announcing his bid for Presidency) – zero pieces of a legislation written. Seven years in the Illinois State Senate – that state isn’t looking too good these days. I’m not saying that he isn’t going to lead us to the promised land, but he surely hasn’t led anyone anywhere desirable before. He has never held a real job let alone created one, and he has never held an executive position in government. He is unproven, plain and simple.

I hope he does a good job for our country’s sake, but until he provides us a reason to be hopeful in him other than him telling us to be, the skeptical people will remain.

Richard Bailey

Cal Poly business alumnus

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