The Cal Poly team added pink to their uniforms to show support for breast cancer awareness. Brian Truong | Mustang News

Cal Poly earned its first conference win of the season with a 7-0 sweep over visiting UC Riverside Sunday at Mustang Tennis Courts.

The match was dedicated to breast cancer awareness as sophomore Susanne Boyden’s mother, Pam, is fighting breast cancer. The Mustangs added pink to their uniforms in the form of sweatbands, body paint, and socks.

“Wearing the pink, when you’re struggling in a match, you think of all the harder battles that there are out there,” Boyden said.

The Mustangs (5-11, 1-4) were dominant in doubles play, as senior Abigail Bacharach and freshman MacKenzie Worsnop earned a 6-0 win over the Highlanders (4-16, 0-6). The duo is undefeated when in the No. 1 spot for doubles play this season. Boyden and senior Molly Reed marked their third consecutive win with a 6-2 decision.

In singles play, the Mustangs continued to dismantle the Highlanders, winning each match in two sets. Worsnop made her 15th appearance in the No.1 spot. After winning 6-2 to begin the match, Worsnop struggled in the second set. After starting the set 1-4, Worsnop recovered to win 6-4 and clinch the match victory for Cal Poly.

“I was having a tough match overall, even in the first set I was making a lot of errors,” Worsnop said. “I had to discipline myself and adjust.”

The Mustangs will look for their first road win next weekend. They will play second place CSU Fullerton (16-4, 4-1) Saturday, April 14 and UC Irvine (8-13, 0-5) Sunday.

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