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The Muslim Student Association has criticized the Cal Poly College Republicans’ decision to host Robert Spencer, an author critical of Islam, at a campus event planned for Tuesday evening.

How do Cal Poly students feel about Islam on campus?


“I don’t know. I don’t really know much about the subject. I have friends that follow the Islamic faith. I don’t think it’s really prevalent, though.”
—animal science junior Revati Nerkar


“Is it bad if I’ve never even heard of the word before? Honestly, I wouldn’t say it’s a huge issue just because there probably isn’t a huge Islamic population here, and there’s no one really to discriminate against.”
—material engineering junior Brett Wagner


“I don’t hear people talking about it or anyone ever having a problem with it. Cal Poly’s not very diverse, and I feel like there’s not many Islamic people here, and I don’t think it’s just a concern of many people here.”
—parks, recreation and tourism administration junior Jennifer Benvenuto


“I would say it’s very uncommon.”
—business administration senior Sam Foley


“I think it’s fairly uncommon or very low.”
—business administration junior Chad Horn

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