Have you been feeling claustrophobic from all those late nights at the library alongside what feels like Cal Poly’s entire student body? Take advantage of the many study spots San Luis Obispo has to offer.

Kreuzberg, CA: Known for its fresh coffee and even fresher atmosphere

Take a trip to Kreuzberg, CA where delicious food, comfy seating and warm coffee await. Located in the heart of Downtown San Luis Obispo, Kreuzberg’s unique and artsy environment creates a cool and relaxed vibe that makes concentration easy. Kreuzberg also offers an array of tempting sandwiches, salads and breakfast options that are sure to satisfy all of your study snacking needs.

Though this trendy study spot offers a plethora of seating, Kreuzberg is very popular, so make sure to get there early to snag a table.

Learn more at its website.

Linnaea’s: A breath of fresh air for even the busiest of students

If you’re looking for an escape from the indoors, but have midterms looming over your head, look no further — Linnaea’s has you covered. Located around the corner of Higuera on Garden Street, Linnaea’s may look like your ordinary coffee shop when you first enter, but walk a little further and you’ll discover this study spot’s sweet patio garden. Decorated by local art, lush foliage and even a koi pond, Linnaea’s outdoor patio allows for serene and relaxing focus in a beautiful environment. Linnaea’s offers everything a studious Cal Poly student should need, from vegetarian, organic and fair trade coffee and food options, to a large selection of indoor and outdoor workspaces and even outdoor outlets.

When you’re not studying, be sure to check out Linnaea’s live music and entertainment every night except Mondays. Acts usually consist of live music and jam sessions by local musicians, but can include other forms of entertainment, like poetry slams, storytelling and artist receptions.

Learn more at its website.

Front Porch: With free coffee, free food and free Wi-Fi, what more could a Cal Poly student want?

For many, starting school at a four-year university means cutting expenses as much as possible — sometimes even a cup of coffee can be hard to afford. Luckily for Cal Poly and Cuesta students, there’s Front Porch. Offering free coffee and tea every day and a home-cooked meal on Wednesday nights, Front Porch is much more than just a comfy workspace for students.

Front Porch is directly behind Cal Poly’s Health Center, so its location is ideal for students living on campus. The coffee house also opens early and closes late (though hours depend on the volunteers working on given days), so students can use the study space as long as they need, unlike many other coffee shops in San Luis Obispo.

The community of Front Porch creates a welcoming atmosphere for anyone walking through its doors. The friendly and helpful volunteers are always excited for new students to grab a cup of coffee and use the wide selection of study spaces.

Unfortunately, Front Porch’s inclusive attitude may be a curse when it comes to snagging a meal on Wednesday nights, as free food seems to always attract large crowds of hungry college students. Make sure to get in line early to guarantee your dinner (they begin serving at 6 p.m.) and even earlier to secure a workspace. Additionally, Front Porch’s Wi-Fi is often hard to connect to on busy nights (particularly Wednesdays).

Learn more at its website.

Warren J. Baker Center for Science and Mathematics: Cal Poly’s hidden gem of study spots

Though building 180 is filled with many of Cal Poly’s science and mathematics laboratories and classrooms, it is also home to some awesome study spots. Warren J. Baker Center — known simply as “Baker” by Cal Poly students — is one of Cal Poly’s newest buildings, and its spacious and diverse layout allows students to pick from a variety of workspaces. The third to fifth floors offer large group tables and couches that make collaborative work easy, barlike seating with outlets for solo work and several enclosed workspaces equipped with whiteboards and large tables for visual and space-consuming learning.

Similar to Baker, many other Cal Poly buildings have hidden study spaces that might not be noticeable upon first glance. Walk around campus and take a look inside — you might be surprised by what you find.

Leaning Pine Arboretum: Head toward a sunny escape that makes concentration a breeze

Trying to find a quiet space to collect your thoughts or catch up on some heavy reading? Leaning Pine Arboretum may be just the sanctuary for you. This living laboratory of plants is not only a place where students can brush up on their foliage facts, but it can also be used as a quiet study space away from the hustle and bustle of Cal Poly’s main campus.

The arboretum’s winding paths cut through an array of flowers, ponds and greenery, and are dotted with benches. In the center of the arboretum is an open, sunny field that is ideal for quiet reading, writing and even work on a laptop (if your computer has a long battery life).

Take a walk past the WOW-A-RAMA field and the Poly Plant Shop to find the Arboretum, or visit its website to learn more.

Julian A. McPhee University Union: Cal Poly’s favorite study space in the heart of just about everything

Nothing can really top the Julian A. McPhee University Union (UU) when it comes to study spots for Cal Poly students. This study spot has everything a busy student would ever need — all in one place. The second story of the UU is filled with comfy couches, large tables for group study and quiet study lounges dedicated to silent independent work. Also on the second floor, Cal Poly’s MultiCultural Center offers free printing (paper not provided) and Associated Students Inc. often puts on stress-relieving events for students during academically challenging times of each quarter. Take a trip downstairs and you’ll find Starbucks (for many Cal Poly students, a necessity), many of Cal Poly’s dining options and the University Store, which has just about any office supply, book or study tool a student could need.

You can even take a break from the books and knock down a couple pins at Mustang Lanes — San Luis Obispo’s only bowling alley, also located on the first floor.

Learn more about the UU and all it has to offer at its website.

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