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Do you care whether or not a gas tax is created? Or whether parents should be notified if their minor is going to have an abortion? Do you care if the sales tax in San Luis Obispo increases from 7.25 percent to 7.75 percent? How about whether or not the Dalidio Ranch project passes or not? Perhaps you might care about who our next governor will be, or whether or not Cal Poly will receive a $14.7 million grant?

These are just a handful of issues that will be on the ballot tomorrow. As citizens and as students, it is our responsibility to become educated on the issues and voice our opinion by voting. Every one of the issues on the ballot will affect all of our lives. They will determine the way we are taxed, who will be leading our state government and so much more.

The 18-24 age bracket (that’s us) is notorious for being the most apathetic and least politically active group. Meanwhile, we at Cal Poly represent some of the brightest and most talented students in California and in the United States. Why then, are we less inclined to vote? Maybe we just don’t think the issues affect us, or that our vote even counts.

Here are a few of the issues on the ballot tomorrow that will affect you.

Proposition 1A speaks to public transportation – this includes San Luis Obispo and our bus system.

Proposition 1D is a bond measure that will provide funding for California public education from kindergarten to universities – Cal Poly will receive $14.7 million.

Proposition 85 will require minors to notify their parents if they want to have an abortion.

Proposition 86 proposes a tax on cigarettes.

Proposition 87 proposes a tax on gas to fund research for alternative energy- I’ll bet that will affect you.

Measure J will approve the Dalidio Ranch project that will bring in stores like Target and Old Navy near the current Madonna Plaza.

Measure Y will increase the San Luis Obispo sales tax from 7.25 percent to 7.75 percent – this will affect all of your taxed purchases within the city.

Obviously you have something at stake on tomorrow’s ballot. These issues will affect you, your families, your future families and your friends. It is our duty as citizens to educate ourselves and voice our opinion when we are given the opportunity. This is your opportunity.

I’ll see you at the polls.

Todd Maki is the ASI president and mechanical engineering senior.

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