Leila Durmaz is a journalism junior and Mustang News fashion and trend columnist. | David Jang/Mustang News

Leila Durmaz
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Leila Durmaz is a journalism junior and Mustang News fashion and trend columnist.

Dreaming of summer yet?

Wherever summer takes you — another city, country or just back to your comfortable home — there will always be a few things you’ll need to stay stylish and busy.

Here are 10 summer essentials you should have with you no matter where you find yourself in the next few months.

1. Sunglasses

Everyone needs the perfect pair of shades to get them through summer. Find the right shape for your face and invest in a pair you love. Sunglasses make every outfit look a little bit more stylish.

2. A good read

Sometimes relaxing outside with a good read is all you need for a warm, summer day. Get caught up in a book off The New York Times Best Sellers List or pick up the latest edition of your favorite magazine and enjoy the outdoors.

3. Lightweight top

Nothing makes you feel cooler — temperature-wise, at least — than a lightweight top in the summer. Whether it’s a sheer chiffon top or a chambray button-down (for men or women), keep your cool while still looking put together.

4. Bold printed top

It’s summer. Live a little and trade in your solid pieces for tops and tees with bold prints. Tropical prints, geometric prints and florals in bold colors are always a good idea. 

5. Slip dress

Dresses are the best — they’re simple, keep you cool and are totally comfortable. Keep up with summer’s latest trend and find your favorite slip dress. A slip dress can be worn alone or paired with a light jacket for a casual but chic look. 

6. Maxi dress or jumpsuit

Since we’re on the topic of dresses, don’t forget about maxi dresses and jumpsuits. A billowy maxi dress and trendy jumpsuit are both versatile summer staples. 

7. Snacks

Seriously, pack your favorite snacks with you on the way to the beach or while on a road trip. You don’t want you or your friends becoming hangry.

8. D’orsay flats

There are times when you need to wear a dressier shoe than sandals or flip flops — that’s when you should pick up a pair of d’orsay flats. They’re chic and one of the trendiest shoes at the moment.  

9. White or pastel denim

White after Labor Day? Of course. White or pastel denim looks great with everything and makes the perfect summer pant.

10. Sunscreen

I know you’re probably sick of hearing this (I know I am), but it needs to be said: Don’t forget your sunscreen. Protect your skin from burning as you soak up some Vitamin D. And don’t forget chapstick! Burnt lips are not fun to deal with. 

Have a wonderful summer! 

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