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San Luis Obispo Public Health announced on Twitter that there were 12 COVID-19 related deaths this week whose ages ranged from 30 to 90 years old. 

35 San Luis Obispo residents are in the hospital with Covid-19 and six are in the ICU.

In San Luis Obispo county there have been a total of 49,720 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and there are currently 1,571 active cases. The public health department only reports cases that come for a PCR test. No at-home rapid tests are included in the county’s data.

On Twitter, County Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein said “today’s COVID-19 numbers show SLO County is moving in the right direction and has weathered the worst of this Omicron surge.”

The first case of the Omicron variant was reported by the San Luis Obispo Public Health Department on Dec. 17, 2021. At the time of this press release, there had been a total of 370 COVID-19 related deaths in SLO County. 

Currently, there have been a total of 414 COVID-19 deaths in San Luis Obispo. 

Since Sept. 1, 2021, there has been an order instated by the county that masks are required in all indoor public places. However, on Feb. 9, the public health department stated in a press release that the mask mandate will be lifted on Wednesday, Feb. 16.

In this press release, Borenstein recommends the community to continue wearing a mask in crowded locations, around those who are at high risk or if you’re feeling unwell.

The lifted mask mandate in San Luis Obispo is for those who are fully vaccinated and follows California’s universal mask mandate. 

San Luis Obispo County still has vaccine appointments available at or by phone at 833-422-4255 and at local pharmacies.

If you are showing symptoms, members of the community can get tested at

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