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The quarter is coming to an end, which means one thing — next quarter’s syllabus week is right around the corner. Most students enjoy the first week of a new quarter. With minimal homework and a high chance of getting out of class early, students have more time to enjoy their first week back from break. Of course, there’s also the inevitable — buying new books and supplies, and waiting in line for them. But that line is avoidable.

The Cal Poly University Store offers Textbook Express, a way to place textbook orders online and pick them up on campus. Not only is this a way to cut the long line, but it also saves you time for syllabus week activities. We at Mustang Media Group went into the University Store and estimated that the textbook-buying process takes about 20 minutes when the lines are at their longest — eight minutes to collect books, 12 minutes to pay for them.

Here are nine ways to spend 20 minutes instead of waiting in line for textbooks.

1. Drive to Kravabowl in Avila Beach

Why be inside buying books when you could be sitting on the sand, enjoying an acai bowl?

2. Watch an episode of “The Office”

An episode on Netflix is only 23 minutes, so you won’t feel guilty watching TV in the middle of the day.

3. Go for a 2-mile jog around Poly Canyon

Strap on those running shoes and explore the many trails around campus.

4. Read a magazine

Whether it’s Cosmopolitan or National Geographic, flipping through the pages of a magazine can be mindless and relaxing.

5. Meet a friend for a coffee date at Starbucks on campus

Nothing like that third cup of coffee of the day at 2 p.m.

6. Make a new playlist

Festival season is right around the corner, so start making your Coachella or Stagecoach 2016 playlists. And if you order your books using Textbook Express before March 24, you could win up to $250 in free textbooks — aka save $250 and buy a festival ticket. See customer service at the University Store for details.

7. Take a power nap on Dexter Lawn

All you need is a backpack as a pillow and you’re set.

8. Tidy up your room

Or even unpack from break if you’ve been putting that off.

9. Make a box of Mac n’ Cheese

It takes five minutes for the water to boil, nine minutes for the noodles to cook, and three minutes to prepare it. That leaves you three minutes to eat it if you’re feeling confident.

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