The college textbook bubble

Why your textbooks are so expensive and what one Cal Poly student is doing to doing to change the status quo.

Students refuse to buy costly textbooks

Students are looking for ways to avoid paying the full price of textbooks.

Mustang Minute: Bookstore textbook sales

Mustang News reporter Christina Favuzzi looks into what the Cal Poly University Store is doing to make buying textbooks a little easier this year.

Those who teach, write: Cal Poly professors as authors

Kassi Luja The fluctuating prices of courseware are a common concern among college students. The University Store (formerly El Corral Bookstore) sells books ranging from $1.25 used and $1.50 new to a textbook package that comes with books and workbooks costing…

Hints for buying textbooks this quarter: online bargain-hunting

Every quarter, Cal Poly students face a familiar challenge: buying pricey textbooks as economically as possible.

Books to go electronic when Kindles hit the library

Five new Kindles will be available for checkout in the Robert E. Kennedy library on Nov. 2 in an effort to find new forms of technology best suited to students’ study needs.

Bored with the bookstore? SLO has alternatives

Moving to San Luis Obispo opens many doors when it comes to shopping at local, privately-owned businesses. When it comes to music and books, it can be tempting to just walk down to El Corral Bookstore, but next time you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, check out these locals businesses instead.