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New market, meal swipes and more vegan options added on campus

Students can expect changes to Campus Dining to begin the 2018-2019 academic year, including new on-campus locations, an increase in dietary options, compostable straws, and an increase in meal swipe options. “Each year Campus Dining performs a survey that is open to the entire campus,” Cal Poly Corporation Communications Specialist Aaron Lambert said. “That feedback […]

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Campus dining policies change

This year, some of Cal Poly’s campus dining policies have changed under the new third party management, Chartwells Higher Education. In April 2017, they began managing all campus dining locations for Cal Poly Corporation. Many of the policies implemented have become concerns for both students and employees on campus. “It’s disappointing to me to know that this […]

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Campus dining rehauls menus and design

Over the summer, Cal Poly Corporation, Campus Dining Director Spyros Gravas and incoming executive chef Ken Kline worked collaboratively to rebrand and reboot dining options across campus. According to Cal Poly Corporation communications specialist Aaron Lambert, the changes were initiated after receiving survey feedback from about 3,800 students. Sandwich Factory — commonly known by the […]



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