A recent study conducted by GradReports revealed the companies that tend to hire graduates from California colleges. The report ranked Cal Poly seventh in GradReport’s list of top 10 colleges. This list was ranked using a salary score that is calculated using federal earnings data from the U.S. Department of Education. 

“We are a polytechnic institution and so technology companies will be attracted to us whether you’re a liberal arts major, a CAFES major, and technology is integrated into all six colleges,” Executive Director for Career Services Eileen Buecher said. 

Colleges on this list include Santa Clara University, Stanford, Dominican University of California, UC Berkeley, University of Southern California, University of San Francisco, CSU East Bay, Pepperdine, National University and Cal Poly. 

Close to one-third of graduates from top California schools now work for a big five tech company, according to GradReport, with software engineering being the most popular job among alumni from these universities. 

“Anything that drives capitalism or the economy, they tend to have more resources to come to campus and hire students, so you’ll see those company names,” Buecher said. 

The top five employers of Cal Poly alumni are Apple, Amazon, Ernst & Young, Northrop Grumman and Workday Inc. Roughly 20% of Cal Poly graduates have gone on to work for one of these companies. 

Three of these companies — Apple, Amazon and Ernst & Young  — are among the top five employers of graduates for all the colleges included in the report. 

The most popular jobs for Cal Poly alumni include software developer or engineer, project manager, electronics engineer, mechanical engineer and business analyst. Software developers and engineers makeup 7.6% of Cal Poly alumni, while each other title occupies only 2.6% of alumni or less. 

“It’s easy to market Cal Poly talent,  obviously you worked hard to get here, you work hard while you’re here, and you have a major but then you have all these other skills and interests,” Buecher said. 

Cal Poly features the highest rate of graduates employed by Apple of all the colleges included, with Apple employing 8.3% of all Cal Poly graduates. Stanford graduates are in second with 7.7% of graduates employed by Apple. 

Out of all the colleges on GradReport’s list, software engineers or developers makeup 8.3% of total alumni. Business analyst is the second highest with 3.0%. 

According to GradReport, less than 5% of Cal Poly alumni “went into electrical or mechanical engineering.” 

In terms of what industry Cal Poly graduates go into, professional, scientific and technical services are the highest. The report shows that these fields include 24.6% of all Cal Poly graduates. The only industries that come close are manufacturing and information, with 17.6% and 15.0% of Cal Poly alumni working in each respectively. 

“When you go into your (Cal Poly students) jobs and internships you’re ready to produce,” Buecher said. 


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