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This past school year in greek life has brought many surprises, with two suspensions, two probations and the creation of new legislation such as the Students Taking Action Towards University Safety plan (STATUS).

Interfraternity Council (IFC) President Alex Horncliff reflected on this past year.

“I think every year, you’re going to run into problems. It’s impossible to predict what’s going to happen in the year. This year had a lot of variables, some of which led to good things, a lot of which led to strong countermeasures, but that’s just how it goes,” Horncliff said. “It’s really indicative of the progressive idea that we need to take more responsibility as greeks.”

This school year brought the loss of two fraternity chapters: Delta Sigma Phi and Pi Kappa Alpha. Pi Kappa Alpha was suspended for party violations and a reported sexual assault. Delta Sigma Phi has been disaffiliated because of Student Code of Conduct and Cal Poly Fraternity and Sorority Life Alcohol and Drugs Policy violations.

“I think that’s a huge blow. Those are two large houses. Delta Sigma Phi is one of the longest-standing fraternities at Cal Poly. It’s a difficult thing to see that they are in that position. Obviously, the actions of a few members or a single member have led to a huge history of men that have done great things for Cal Poly now no longer being affiliated with this campus,” Horncliff said. “The same for Pi Kappa Alpha. It’s a bummer- a huge history of guys being leaders now being overshadowed by men that may have made some bad decisions.”

And let’s not forget about the 13 weeks when all greek life was on social probation, which led to the creation of the STATUS plan.

“I think our biggest accomplishment was taking the challenges we were faced head on and working together between the three councils. We were all able to set aside whatever differences we had and establish a common goal and then work towards it together,” junior business marketing and Panhellenic President Kristen Henry said.

But it wasn’t all bad news — philanthropy events, sexual assault awareness and the promise of two sororities coming to campus in the following years shed some positive light on greek life.

“I’m a strong believer in looking forward and moving forward and looking back in a way to see what we could improve on for the future. I don’t think there’s anything that I would change,” Henry said.

As this year comes to a close, so does Horncliff’s reign as IFC president. Mechanical engineering senior Alex Campbell will take over as IFC president for the 2015-16 school year.

Henry will continue as Panhellenic president until December 2015.

In response to whether Horncliff will miss being IFC president, he said, “Yes and no. Yes because you get to make great connections and do great things by putting the right people in the same room, and you get to really be an influence on individual chapters and help make a difference. No because it’s great and I do have a life to live, and it is a time-consuming job. But for all of the time that it took up, it was worth every minute.”

Below is a timeline of some important dates in greek life this past year.

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